In any industry or company, one letter that is held sacrosanct is ‘Q’ or Quality. That the domain of quality is not limited only to pre-sales or the factory but affects even post sales and the marketplace is underlined by two recent incidences regarding the recall of sold cars by Toyota and Honda.

As the competition gets tougher, the need for quality and quality professionals will only rise. In a scenario as this, a certification programme in Quality Management can often tilt the balance in your favour in the selection process or be the deciding factor in your promotion. This has been discovered by thousands of professionals who have completed quality certification programmes from QC Services, a premier quality and productivity management consultancy organization.

For over ten years, QC Services is offering classroom and online certification training programmes to students and professionals across India and abroad. The two certification programmes available are ASQ and SS-MI, the top six sigma certifications available. While the former is recognized for depth of statistical thinking, the latter requires statistical and Minitab proficiency. Candidates with these two certifications will definitely have an edge over other candidates.

Though QC Services offers training for these two certificates at half the cost of any other international certifications, it assures world-class faculty, study material and project guidance and a proven track record.

With about 300 ASQ Certifications in last twenty exams and over 1000 certified Black Belts to date, QC Services can give you the breakthrough in your career.

Some of our training programs and implementation workshops are.

    • Workshop on Quality problem solving
    • SPC Workshop
    • Workshop on control charts
    • Workshop on Statistical Analysis and DOE
    • Power of Six Sigma – one day
    • Yellow Belt training
    • Green Belt training
    • Black Belt training
  • LEAN
    • Power of Lean – one day
    • Lean Manufacturing workshop
    • SMED – workshop
    • Workshop on Value Stream Mapping
    • Workshop on Lean Service
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